Promo 88 B


Promo 88 B while stock last!

Fishes are all cleaned and gutted.(Applicable to big fishes only.)


1.Big eye travelly 圆头鱼 (400-550gm)

2.Seabass 金木卢鱼 (400-550gm)

3.White seabream 哥里鱼 (500-650gm)

4.Golden pomfret 金昌鱼 (500-600gm)

5.Kee fish 记鱼 (400-550gm)

6.Sotong 苏东 (400-550gm)

7.Prawn 虾(500gm)

8. Yellow fish 黄尾鱼(400-550gm) 


In event of unavailable of an Item, we will replace with another item of the same cost.


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